Kirk Tanner
Kirk Tanner

The Wendy's Company President and Chief Executive Officer

Good Done Right is an integral part of our growth strategy, with a firm focus on the commitments we have made across our Food, People and Footprint pillars. Doing the right thing, the right way, has been at our core since Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s® restaurant more than 50 years ago.

To be truly sustainable in our business, we must consider our impact across the many stakeholders of Wendy’s – our customers, our people, our shareholders and, of course, our communities and planet. Good Done Right is also good business. As we make headway on our goals, we deliver economic benefits such as savings and efficiencies for our restaurants, while also improving our impact through energy and emissions reductions and more sustainable packaging.

Guided by our principles and joined by our partners, we are working to help shape the future of fast-food – one that’s inclusive, equitable and keenly focused on the advancement of people, care for the planet and constant focus on making our customers' lives better.

It is a privilege to lead this exceptional organization, and I am excited to see the ways our ongoing endeavors will shape and fuel the future of our business, industry and world.

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Wendy’s is committed to maintaining strong corporate governance practices as a critical component of driving sustained stakeholder value.

Wendy's Goals

Informed by our materiality assessment, we have committed to several goals across our key priority areas of food, people and footprint.