Good Done Right. This simple phrase grounds Wendy’s approach to three critical areas of our business: Food, People and Footprint. Doing the right thing, the right way, has been at our core since our founder, Dave Thomas, opened the first Wendy’s® restaurant more than 50 years ago. We know that now, more than ever, investors are demanding more from the businesses in which they invest, and customers are expecting more from the brands they support.

In recent years, many of our corporate responsibility accomplishments revolved around laying foundations: conducting a materiality assessment, formalizing our program, setting goals, forging relationships and developing a roadmap for success. In 2022, we took significant steps forward in our journey and made meaningful progress. We continue to accelerate change across our Good Done Right pillars, the key components of our ESG strategy.

Whether Wendy’s is helping to stem the flow of energy, water and waste; reaching deeper into our supplier relationships to continue our commitment to high quality food that is responsibly sourced; or creating more inclusive communities and workplaces for a first job or lifelong career, we are encouraged by our progress to date.

Reports & Resources

What We Value


Wendy’s is committed to maintaining strong corporate governance practices as a critical component of driving sustained stakeholder value.

Wendy's Goals

Informed by our materiality assessment, we have committed to several goals across our key priority areas of food, people and footprint.